Our Philosophy

Client Focus, Integrity, Compassion, Innovation and Performace are the key values that makes us what we are.

We believe that dreams are priceless but you have to pay the price to live those dreams. Making you live your dreams is what we are here for.

We feel that there is only one question in the universe – WHY. We are committed to give answers to all your WHYs when it comes to making you live your dreams!

We understand that when it comes to discussing money matters, you need the most trusted people to listen to you and give you unbiased, research based & customized solutions and we are here for that.

Our intention is to help you with all your problems and queries to achieve your dreams and life goals with experienced and qualified professionals like CHARTERED FINANCIAL ANALYSTs and CERTIFIED FINANACIAL PLANNERs.

We aim not only to follow the international standards but also to raise the standards in the domain of financial planning and money management.

Our History

The journey of Allegiance Money Managers Pvt Ltd started as a proprietary firm back in 2007 as a mutual fund and insurance distributor. Our expertise, domain knowledge and foresight led us to a Financial Planning and Training Company established in 2015.

Allegiance Money Managers is now a company working extensively in the domain of financial planning and individual wealth management. We do not only give a leather jacketed or hard bound financial plan of 100-150 pages but we hold our client’s hand through out the journey to live that dream. We also have great presence in sevices like Family Office for HNIs and Ultra HNIs.

In order to keep our performance bar raising and looking to extensive needs of our corporate clients, we provide dedicated corporate services desk  to our corporate clients catering their requirements on money management and human resource management.

Our aim is not only to cater to our clients but society as a whole and that led us to get into training domain also. We are one of the leading training providers for leading insruance companies, brokerage houses and mutual fund distribution companies.

We train professionals not only for various certifiying exams for mutual funds, equity and insurance but also to ugrade theirselves for qualifying exams like CFP, CWM and MBA to name a few. We also try to cater to society considering our responsibility by imparting investor’s awareness programmes which encourages individuals to put some focus on managing their money by understanding concepts of financial planning and life planning.


We want to be the most obvious and trusted name in being the reason for making life livable by exploring, innoavating and re-defining the standards in managing money and human lives.


To change our client’s life for better by

  1. Making them aware about their current situation with regards to their dreams and goals
  2. Helping them quantify their present and future needs
  3. Providing them most unbiased advise to fulfill them and
  4. Making their present and future livable – Happily!

We are committed to create, build and secure your future through best professional advice.

Core Expertise

| Financial Management

Money Management, Estate Planning, Product Portfolio Management – we have all the ingredients required for you to head towards a better tomorrow. What’s right for you is the question that builds and shapes every financial plan we design.

Guided by our philosophy, we draw on our abilities across all areas of wealth management. Every aspect is considered, every option is explored, every goal is achieved, every dream is fulfilled. We create the best for your needs and recreate when your needs change.

| Human Management

Getting workforce might be a challenge but getting trained workforce is a continuous challenge that every company, big or small is facing today. Right skills and attitude are the key ingredients for a likeable, long term, successful employee.

Employees need to be encouraged to have emotional and intellectual engagement with the organization’s objectives. Our training programmes are designed to reinforce organizational competencies and address performance gaps while giving participants the ability to apply what has been learned at their workplace.

At Allegiance, we give disproportionate weightage to understanding the clients’ exact training need. A detailed training need analysis is carried out with the stake holders followed by a series of default competency assessments to know current status, where we want to take it and that helps us to design the training strategy, content and delivery. The training programmes are strictly designed to support the strategic intent of the client with a strong focus on providing measurable results.

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