Hi-tech analysis

We know that you have ample resources because you are great at what you do.

Joining with us gives you ample time and opportunity to do things that you are best at and it also gives us the opportunity to do what we are best at. We want you to do more of what you are meant for and rest is our responsibility.

Wealth management can have different objectives like growing wealth, preserving it or protecting it or may be managing it for the next generation. You decide what would you like to do with your wealth and leave the process and management on us.

We together shall decide the strategy to manage your wealth by implementing the strategies that take care of risk management, investment management, tax management and transmission management.

Portfolio management strategies consider risk management, liquidity, asset allocation through investing in:

  • Conventional products like equity, bonds, bank deposits and small saving schemes
  • Managed services like mutual funds, PMS (portfolio management services), private equity amongst others
  • Alternative investments like real estate, antiques, wine, derivatives etc…

It is said – Managing money is tougher than earning it.

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