Family Office, the concept itself dates back to the 19th century with the Rockfeller family being its pioneers. Its sole function is to centralize the wealth management of a whole family.

Family Office proposition goes much beyond managing wealth. It provides solutions for building, preserving and transferring family wealth and legacy.

It’s about us working on your behalf. You do what you are best at and we take care of the rest.

The family service may include:

  • Day to day accounting of transactions
  • Banking, Payroll and utility payment solutions
  • Risk management for your whole family and your business
  • Wealth mapping and planning, implementation, creation, protection, preservation and transformation of wealth for your family considering various needs of family members
  • Funding requirements for your business, child education, child marriage

We will be your personal CFO providing you 360° solutions. A Money Manager in the true sense.

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