“Only uncertainty is certain in life.” Yes it’s true – “Not taking risk is the biggest risk of life.” But at the same time we must strive to minimise the risk.

Wonder how does it work?

We must minimise the risks which are beyond our control, and we must take those risks which are within our control.

“Minimising uncertainty (the risk beyond our control) and advising you to take optimum risk is our formula for your success.”

There are two ways of managing risk:

  1. Risk Retention

    You have to pay for damages from your pocket in case of any mishaps in life.

  2. Risk Transfer

    Insurance is one of the best ways to do that. In case of any mishaps in life, the insurance company will make good the financial losses.

Must have insurances

Life Insurance

Term plan is the best option. It is extremely cheap and pays a pre decided amount in the event of death of the insured. However, the insured doesn’t get any benefit upon survival till the end of the policy term.

Health Insurance

Illnesses have become a part of today’s lifestyle. This insurance will take care of medical expenses in the event of illness, including hospitalisation cost, medicine and laboratory expenses amongst others. It is available on an individual as well as on a floater basis to cover your family. A good coverage should be the consideration and not the amount of premium.

Personal Accident

This insurance will be of great help in case of death or disability in case of accident of the insured. Payout will be received in the event of death, permanent total & partial disability and temporary total disability due to accident only.

Motor Insurance

A must have insurance as per regulations of Motor Vehicle Act. Generally, three types of covers are packaged in one policy : Own damage, Personal accident (nominal amount) and Third party insurance (required by law).

Critical Illness

It is a must have insurance if the insured has a family background of critical illnesses. It pays the pre decided amount of insurance to the insured irrespective of actual expenditure in case insured is diagnosed with the any of the critical illness like cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, etc. listed in the policy.

Home Insurance

It would protect your home from events like fire, storm, flood, earthquake, burglary and more. It is available on yearly basis as well as on a long term basis.

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