“You should use the window not to jump but to save yourself.”

Tax planning is more than taking deductions in last few months of the financial year. A strategy of well-chosen mix of products for tax planning will not only save taxes but also that part of money will work for you most efficiently.

We will help you to optimally invest in tax planning products which give you maximum tax benefit with maximum returns.

There are 5 heads of Income tax with great complexity, simplifying them in itself is a complex task.

The five heads are :

  1. Income from salary
  2. Profits and Gains from Business and Profession
  3. Income from House property
  4. Capital Gains
  5. Income from House Property

Each head has its own rules. There are ways to take advantage in each head and that is what we work for. More on this, we have some special provisions to save tax through investments. Our aim is to help you take maximum advantage of all these!

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