We Listen

We start by listening to your hopes and dreams and the worries that keep you awake at night; we help you to clearly define your most important goals.

Data Gathering We work with you to gather details about your current financial situation, much of this without significant disruption to you – your current resources including pension, investments, properties, cash and business assets and your current liabilities, insurance policies and trust, estate and attorney documents. Discovery Understanding ‘your story’. Your values and your beliefs are integral to how we work. We want to learn about you, your family, and, if relevant, your business. Goal Setting If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. We help you identify your objectives, as well as understand any fears that may get in their way.

We Enlighten

Once we have spent time learning about you, we discuss about your needs, wants and goals. As a human, we always have unlimited desires and wants but limited resources.

This is the time we prioritise and decide what can be achieved and what cannot be. This depends a lot on what you have done till now.

We strongly believe that every problem in the world has a solution. We just need to decide to work for it and there will surely be a way.

We Plan

We believe in uncertainty about life expectancy. Future expenditure needs and investment returns make this ‘stress-testing’ essential to the planning process.

Working together, we will build a comprehensive plan to maximize the chances of achieving your most important goals.

This plan will identify how likely you are to achieve all your goals, and if this is not possible to help you prioritise, we will identify actions that you should address to aid your journey towards financial independence.

Though there is no limit to the scope of our advice, we would normally expect to cover:

  1. Long-term budget and cash flow planning
  2. Protection analysis and insurance planning
  3. Investment risk management and asset selection
  4. Retirement and pension planning
  5. Tax planning guidance
  6. Trust, estate and inheritance tax planning

We Take Action

We prioritise and make changes where needed.

If changes are needed, we will clearly identify priorities, then gradually, to avoid overwhelming details, highlight the options and make specific recommendations.

We work closely with leading investment, product and insurance firms as well as your own legal and tax advisers to make sure things are done right.

We employ a rigorous, process driven approach to investments which is designed to protect capital, and grow your wealth. Portfolios are diversified across many different types and styles of investment. Each portfolio is scrutinized to ensure it operates pre-agreed tolerances to investment fluctuations matched to client goals and risk tolerance.

We offer both low-cost ‘passive’ investment solutions and ‘active’ solutions which aim to deliver consistent, above-average returns. Both strategies control risk through broad diversification.

We Review

We take responsibility to ensure your plans are properly implemented.

We continually review the roadmap with you, along with your various plans and underlying investments. Changes are recommended, if required, to maximize the chances of achieving your goals.

Your goals, personal conditions, laws and financial markets will change over time, actual experience will almost certainly be different than originally forecast and planning done in the past will need adjustment. Regular reviews provide a way to make adjustment to plans when required.

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