Life Skills

More complex than managing money! There is no limit to innovating techniques to do it, however we have reached to a new level in successfully achieving the corporate objectives by imparting these trainings. We have already made a difference in the human behaviour by conducting workshops in following areas:

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation skills can help us manage varied situations both at work and at personal level. They help us to amicably get what we want without having to resort to aggressive or pushy arguments. At work place they surely become the most important element of every conversation. The workshop on negotiation skills reflect how negotiation is a process that involves communication, psychology, sociology, assertiveness and conflict resolution. It helps us understand negotiation without theory, assert the importance of preparedness and help us reflect on daily life negotiations with the help of cases and simulations.

Effective Corporate Communication

Communication – the ability to convey facts, feelings and thus exchange information – across all forms: verbal and non-verbal, face to face and phone calls, and also using presentations, is a key skill needed. The workshop will deliver the following:

  • Customer Service Orientation : External communication
  • Being assertive, and not aggressive while communicating internally
  • Learning to be polite yet assertive
  • Saying No
  • Phone Etiquettes : Quite and Polite

Team Building

Our team-building workshops build the spirit of teamwork by creating a teamwork experience in a different context. The daily routine of work is generally focused on the tasks at hand. Employees often get stressed out or stuck in task-focused habit patterns that cause them to lose sight the value of teamwork. When interpersonal conflicts arise, they get defensive and act in ways that break down teamwork. When managers and supervisors consistently do this, it ripples through the organization and de-motivates the entire team. The team needs a change of context.

Goal Setting, Scheduling and Prioritization

Defining our goals help us with a direction and purpose. The more defined our goals are and revised as and when needed the easier it is for us to achieve success. The aim of the workshop is to help you recognize and revisit your goals through an organized process.

Scheduling and prioritising our activities are the best ways to manage our time effectively. The workshop will tell us that how on the one hand it’s essential to plan our daily tasks and on the other hand it’s equally important to avoid over commitment and procrastination.

English Language – its usage in daily work life

English undoubtedly is becoming the most preferred language of communication across corporates. The language needs of the employees at workplace could vary at different levels – basic, intermediate or advanced. The English Language training programme thus lays a major thrust on analysing the trainees’ default capability in the language and customises the programme accordingly. The sessions are designed with a strong emphasis on functional English rather than rote grammar definitions. The programme encompasses the following:

  • Constructing sentences in English
  • Reading and comprehending passages
  • Vocabulary for variety of situations
  • Elementary to advanced grammar
  • Business writing skills – memos, letters, emails, reports
  • Verbal communication – being a confident speaker
  • Effective listening – key to perfect communication

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